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The Illegitimate President

Donald John Trump, the forty‑fifth President of the United States of America, is an illegitimate president.  He is an unindicted co‑conspirator to a federal crime.  He is a kidnapper of thousands of children.  In less than two years, he has misused millions in American taxpayer dollars, so that he could play numerous rounds of golf. And that is just the beginning to his list of unindicted criminality. The man is a fraud.  He is a charlatan.  He is a carpetbagger.  What is more, he is a xenophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, misogynistic, jingoistic, homophobic, greedy excuse for a human being.  As such, he is unfit to hold office, and every one of his official acts as the President of the United States of America—to date—is unconstitutional (i.e., null and void). * * * Today, the American People possess four Constitutional options to end the illegitimate presidency of Donald John Trump. First, Donald John Trump could obey his oath of office to the Constitution for the United States of Am…

A Shameless Announcement of My First Novella (Coming Soon)

Hello, dear Reader. On 15 September 2018, I shall do my utmost best to upload and self‑publish on Amazon my newest fictional work:  a novella. It is contemporary American fiction because, as a budding American author of fiction and expository essays, that subject, at present, is what interests me the most.  The novella began as a short story, but it grew over time. As a result, my original plan—which was to self‑publish (in e‑format only) on Amazon (initially) a new short story for each month of 2018—took an unanticipated detour through a fictional, scenic landscape. However, in the interim, between now and mid‑September of 2018, my first self‑published short story (also a work of contemporary American fiction) is available (but only on Amazon as an e‑book). It is entitled “When in Doubt, Bake a Cake”.  If you have some time and if you are curious to read it (and if you have a few coins stashed away in your literary discretionary income column), then here is a Bitly link to it (https://a…

What a Helluva' Ride It Has Been, Twitter

In the United States of America, the most important legal document is the Constitution for the United States of America. From its outset, the Preamble establishes a clear, concise tone:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.[1]
The Constitution is the controlling legal document of the American People, by the American People, and for the American People.[2] But today, as in the past, the Constitution is under attack from a grossly disproportionate and miniscule moneyed gang of human beings who are not only American citizens but also foreign citizens. . . . * * * Recently, on Wednesday, 11 July 2018, I had a few tabs open to various websites on my personal computer. One of those tabs was for my Twitter acco…

This Blog Still Has a Bit of Life

Hello, dear Reader.
Yes, you are correct.The last time that I posted any of my thoughts in writing to this here blog, I wrote something about how it was the end, and I thanked (quite sincerely) the folks atGoogle for their assistance. In fact, all of that which I wrote in my last blog entry, entitledFinal Blogger Posting in 2017 (and Beyond), has transformed into something unexpected.At present, in my spare time, I study which would be the best way to go about setting up my own personal website.And as for publishing a new short story, once a month, well, that, too, has changed.  While the act of writing my fiction (be it short, medium‑sized, or long) has not varied, I have altered the plan as to when I will publish my fiction. So:Stay tuned for future details. In the interim, concise updates from yours truly shall arrive on this here blog. Until then, take care, dear Reader. Yours in Service, Travis Ray Garner

Copyright © 2018 Travis Ray Garner All rights reserved.

Final Blogger Post in 2017 (and Beyond)

Dear Reader:
I want to give you a brief update . . . regarding me.
First, this blog post shall serve as my final post on Blogger.Therefore, before I continue, I want to take but a moment to say the following to the folks who work at Google:
“Thank you very much.Honestly and sincerely.”
After all, the mere fact that online platforms exist in a digital world, in which one person can choose to write in any number of human languages, including code (i.e., “computerese”), and then share those thoughts—be they small or large, important or inconsequential—with others around the world where human beings live and breathe (and have an online connection to the World Wide Web) is another indication to the ingenuity of the entire human race.
Second, by the end of this calendar year of 2017, I will move my blog over to Word Press, including my domain previous posts here on Google’s Blogger will carry over, too—for posterity purposes (so, fingers crossed).
Third, on 15 Janua…