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Gimme That Old Time Religion

"And Jesus said unto the fold:
"'As it was with Ham after he saw his father's nakedness, subjecting the line of Canaan to serve forevermore as a servant to the lines of Shem and Japheth, thou shall curse thine children forevermore whenever they show their nakedness to one another. A child's curiosity is like oil that burns eternally in a lamp, and must be extinguished whenever possible.'
"And then Jesus said unto the fold:
"'Thou shall take a thing not yet created in our time. Not until 1869. And this thing shall have three points, each one in equal proportion to the other two points. But two points shall make the base, and the top point shall have a hook. In the future, one shall use this thing to hang upon it one's clothing. But it shall also serve as a corrective to one's children.'
"And then Jesus said unto the fold:
"'It is best to use the ones made from the same material as that of the blade of a sword or the tip of a …

I Wish I Was in Dixie

So, for the past few minutes, I've been looking online (with Google's assistance) to see if any American gospel choir has sung the old Confederate tune called "Dixie" (a song born out of American minstrelsy).
Instead, I found this clip:

Dixie is one of those musical melodies that is, on the one hand, quite beautiful and simple in its construction (the lyrics notwithstanding), but, on the other hand, representative of a dark time in America's albeit brief history that continues to rear its inhumane head each and every year (most recently, this past Wednesday evening, 17 June 2015, in Charleston, South Carolina).
Still, if the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra can play Richard Wagner's works, then maybe, one day, an American gospel choir will give the blues to a performance of "Dixie" (or I'll get better with my Google queries).
America must put to rest its homicidal self—both at home and overseas. The arts can assist.
P.S. Dear South Carolina: take down t…

American Tobacco Industry

As a former tobacco smoker, all I can say is:
First of all, thank you very much, John Oliver (and staff at Last Week Tonight). #JeffWeCan, indeed. . . .

Second, kind of makes you wonder what's the point of drawing an arbitrary line in the litigious sand, where on one side some drugs are deemed "legal" and on the other side some drugs are deemed "illegal".
Third, I just don't see that much of a difference in the behavior exhibited by either side of the drug-line divide who both have moneyed interests at stake.
And finally, there is a rather simple solution to this problem:
Legalize all drugs, regulate all drugs, and provide assistance to any and all who gain a chemical dependency to any one of them. However, if one chooses to drive under the influence and gets pulled over by the Po-Po, then the penalty should still stand as it currently is in America: a DWI with all subsequent costs that accompany a DWI.
The fact is, folks: throughout all of human history, sometim…