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American Tobacco Industry

As a former tobacco smoker, all I can say is:
First of all, thank you very much, John Oliver (and staff at Last Week Tonight). #JeffWeCan, indeed. . . .

Second, kind of makes you wonder what's the point of drawing an arbitrary line in the litigious sand, where on one side some drugs are deemed "legal" and on the other side some drugs are deemed "illegal".
Third, I just don't see that much of a difference in the behavior exhibited by either side of the drug-line divide who both have moneyed interests at stake.
And finally, there is a rather simple solution to this problem:
Legalize all drugs, regulate all drugs, and provide assistance to any and all who gain a chemical dependency to any one of them. However, if one chooses to drive under the influence and gets pulled over by the Po-Po, then the penalty should still stand as it currently is in America: a DWI with all subsequent costs that accompany a DWI.
The fact is, folks: throughout all of human history, sometim…

Internet Censorship Anthems

As an American citizen, I find this anthem offensive.
Because my nation did not think of one first.
Instead, China did.
I mean, for what is all that money that I pay each and every year going to fund if not for reinforcing xenophobia, jingoism, perpetual warfare at home and abroad, and repeated unchecked Constitutional violations?

Hey! NSA? CIA? FBI? Google? Facebook? Hollywood?
Surely the American corporate-political-militaristic-prison-industrial-complex can make a far better nationalistic tune regarding Internet censorship and surveillance than than this piece of rubbish!