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An Open Letter to House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi

28 July 2013
Dear House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi:
This morning, I watched ABC News’ This Week with George Stephanopoulos.During the first segment, George interviewed Glenn Greenwald, the journalist (and Constitutional lawyer) who has been reporting on the NSA’s spying activities not just in the United States of America but also around the entire world.Over the past two months, the revelations made by Mr. Edward Snowden to Glenn Greenwald, all of which can be found on The Guardian and its respective website, have been both startling and alarming to me – to say the least. Earlier this week, I noted that you felt compelled to comment on the sex scandals involving both Mr. Anthony Weiner, the New York City mayoral candidate, and current San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, in which you said the following about them: “What’s really stunning about it is that they don’t even realize it.They don’t even have a clue. . . .If they are clueless, get a clue.If they need therapy, get it in private.”[1…

America: Home of the Homicidal?

(What follows is an ever so slightly modified version of an original piece of writing by yours truly that I initially posted on my Facebook page on Saturday, 15 December 2012—the day after I discovered the news of the Newtown, Connecticut murders. . . .)
I did not learn about the Newtown, Connecticut murders until well into the late afternoon and/or early evening. It was both tragic and senseless. This weekend, I am visiting my family, whom I have not seen in well over a month (and love, ever so much). My Mom has a television cable subscription, so last night I viewed about as much as I could stomach of some of the television news coverage when it concerned the murders that happened in Newtown (for, you see, I no longer have a television cable subscription at my place, for TV, in my opinion, is simply horrible—for the most part). At one point, I watched clips of President Obama speaking from the White House Press Briefing Room:  I saw how shaken up he was by this latest tragic event—e…