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Final Blogger Post in 2017 (and Beyond)

Dear Reader:
I want to give you a brief update . . . regarding me.
First, this blog post shall serve as my final post on Blogger.Therefore, before I continue, I want to take but a moment to say the following to the folks who work at Google:
“Thank you very much.Honestly and sincerely.”
After all, the mere fact that online platforms exist in a digital world, in which one person can choose to write in any number of human languages, including code (i.e., “computerese”), and then share those thoughts—be they small or large, important or inconsequential—with others around the world where human beings live and breathe (and have an online connection to the World Wide Web) is another indication to the ingenuity of the entire human race.
Second, by the end of this calendar year of 2017, I will move my blog over to Word Press, including my domain previous posts here on Google’s Blogger will carry over, too—for posterity purposes (so, fingers crossed).
Third, on 15 Janua…