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Patriotism v. The Art of the Protest (Part II)

II.Professional Football Leagues:  Tried and True for the Red, White, and Blue
A.No Taxation Without Congressional Affirmation
Question:  Can you name your favorite moment in NFL history?
For me, it began in the year of 1942.The United States of America had officially become a member of the Allied Powers during the Second World War (“WWII”).Many Americans committed to the notion to defeat the Axis Powers, and when some American men left the country to do their part for the war effort, the NFL brass soon discovered that it had a dearth of football players. So, some enterprising NFL officials turned toward Uncle Sam, beseeching him if, in all of his profound benevolence, he would kindly bestow upon their ever so humble football league the privilege to become exempt from future federal taxation.The venerable Uncle Sam, after much contemplation, agreed with the NFL’s courteous request, and soon thereafter the NFL was anointed with the title of a “trade association,” and thus decreed as tax-e…