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I Wish I Was in Dixie

So, for the past few minutes, I've been looking online (with Google's assistance) to see if any American gospel choir has sung the old Confederate tune called "Dixie" (a song born out of American minstrelsy).
Instead, I found this clip:

Dixie is one of those musical melodies that is, on the one hand, quite beautiful and simple in its construction (the lyrics notwithstanding), but, on the other hand, representative of a dark time in America's albeit brief history that continues to rear its inhumane head each and every year (most recently, this past Wednesday evening, 17 June 2015, in Charleston, South Carolina).
Still, if the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra can play Richard Wagner's works, then maybe, one day, an American gospel choir will give the blues to a performance of "Dixie" (or I'll get better with my Google queries).
America must put to rest its homicidal self—both at home and overseas. The arts can assist.
P.S. Dear South Carolina: take down t…