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Hungry California Sea Lion Pups: An Alternative, Unsubstantiated Theory

Humans pollute Earth with fossil fuel extraction and its subsequent, repeated, daily use:

Change biosphere’s temperature.

Humans create all manner of products – from pharmaceuticals to plastics – which eventually return to the sea:

Endanger all future aquatic life’s sustainability.

Humans treat water-based life forms as an all-you-can-eat buffet:

Nosh on twenty-first century industrialism toxins that seafood now consumes.

Humans – even some of the most self-professed conscientious of ones – fail to change their cultural ways:

Californian sea lion pups (and diverse types of oceanic life) starve.

Humans one day soon go extinct – along with many other flora and fauna – right here on planet Earth because humans, when all is said and done, are downright fucking idiotic.

Copyright © 2015 Travis Ray Garner
All rights reserved.

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