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Yesterday, while I was working on my homework assignments, the NFL's latest round of football games were broadcasting in the background. Throughout rampant corporate television commercial breaks, Clint Eastwood's latest film preview for his newest cinematic flick - American Sniper - was on display more than once.

But today is a day in America (and the world) where one may choose to remember a man who did just so very much in such a short life time . . . but who was taken far too soon . . . by a sniper's bullet.

Moreover, because America is still "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today," I can think of no more poignant speech that Dr. King gave in his brief thirty-nine years of living than this one at the Riverside Church in New York, New York, on 4 April 1967 (where exactly one year later, he was murdered . . . by a sniper's bullet).

And so, if you have some time today, perhaps you might want to give this particular speech a listen.  Either way, however, I just wanted to let Google know (and everybody else in the world, too) that I thank you very much, Dr. King. Your message was not lost on all of us . . . just some of us, it would seem. . . .

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