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Extinction: Coming to a planet Earth near you

Child: “Mommy: why did you eat up all of the fish?”

Mother: “Because we had far too many all-you-can-eat buffets, and it just seemed easier to go there rather than change inane cross-generational cultural assumptions.”

Child: “But if you knew that fish were a finite species, then why didn’t you take better care of them? And why not make an attempt to do the same with all the other life forms on Earth? I mean, my word, Mommy! You uncovered the planetary laws of motion. You cracked the wonders of quantum physics. You even sent people to the Moon, Mommy. Mommy: pay attention to me and stop staring at your cybernetic display.”

Mother: "I'm sorry, my child, were you saying something to me?”

Child: “Yes, Mommy, I was.”

Mother: “And what was that, my child?”

Child: “Well, why did you even give birth to me in the first place, if all you were going to do in your lifetime was leave me behind standing inside a burning home.”

Mother: “Because, you see, my child, my generation, for all of our technological accomplishments and supposed intelligence, on the whole, is a rather selfish, short-sighted, and dim-witted one. Including me, your mother. Now, eat your soylent green and let Mommy connect with others on the Interwebs, okay?”

Child: “Yes, Mommy.”

Copyright © 2015 Travis Ray Garner
All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016
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