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Xenophobia: America's pastime

What gets me is how many folks are getting up in arms over President Obama's speech from last night and, more important, to whom these "angry" Americans are now directing their outrage: The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free, like Lady Liberty has long been decreeing to one and all in the cold steel harbor waters of New York City…

The truth is:  Americans should be enraged, but their anger is misdirected; it should be turned squarely on the one-tenth of one percent who own everything in this country.

For then and only then will Americans be heading in the right direction, together…

Or, instead, they will just continue to do what American generations before them have done: Pick on the least fortunate in life, like a f-cking bully.

P.S. Dear President Obama:  I would make one small correction to your comments from last night:  America is not so much a 
nation of immigrants ” but more a nation of squatters, enslavers, misogynists, and present-day imperial…