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America: Home of the Homicidal?

(What follows is an ever so slightly modified version of an original piece of writing by yours truly that I initially posted on my Facebook page on Saturday, 15 December 2012—the day after I discovered the news of the Newtown, Connecticut murders. . . .)
I did not learn about the Newtown, Connecticut murders until well into the late afternoon and/or early evening. It was both tragic and senseless. This weekend, I am visiting my family, whom I have not seen in well over a month (and love, ever so much). My Mom has a television cable subscription, so last night I viewed about as much as I could stomach of some of the television news coverage when it concerned the murders that happened in Newtown (for, you see, I no longer have a television cable subscription at my place, for TV, in my opinion, is simply horrible—for the most part). At one point, I watched clips of President Obama speaking from the White House Press Briefing Room:  I saw how shaken up he was by this latest tragic event—e…